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Car Rental Insurance / Excess Insurance explained

You may be wondering what exactly excess insurance is? When you hire a car anywhere, the person who hires the car is liable to pay for an agreed amount towards the repair/replacement of the hire car should anything happen to it. This is called the car hire excess.

Why should I purchase car hire excess cover?

When you arrive to collect your hire car you may be asked if you would like to purchase cover which waives the car hire excess (charged daily), these prices start from £5 per day!

Why not take out an annual car hire insurance policy or daily car hire insurance policy which covers the policy holder for car hire excess payments for an entire year against an unlimited amount of rentals.

Even our daily cover starts from £1.49 per day.

How does it work?

In the eventuality of an accident/theft/loss/damage of your hire car or keys you will be asked by the car hire company to pay the excess for the repairs or replacement of it. You then make a claim with us and we re-imburse you with any costs you’ve had to pay-it’s that simple.

Car Hire Insurance Saves you money

When you’re in need of car hire, 9 out of 10 times you, the customer, arrives at the car rental destination to collect your car. Upon arrival, forms are signed but not before asking if you want additional car hire insurance.

But, you’d thought you’d already paid for that and was supposed to be included in the price, this is known as the CDW or collision damage waiver, which means you dont pay for the entire car/repairs/replacement in the event of an accident or theft-it’s just a hefty excess which is left for you to pay.

At the car rental kiosk they now give you a figure which is charged daily to protect you from this excess, this is known as daily excess insurance and it’s what we do-only at a fraction of the cost, thus saving you a lot of money on your car hire. Typically for a one week rental in Europe we save the average customer over £70 in excess insurance costs.

See Our Cover for the facts and guaranteed savings you can make on your car hire.

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